Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Paid Gig!

Soo..I did my first paid gig..and my first wedding this past Saturday. What a stressful thing to do..but once I got in the groove of all went pretty smooth. I took pictures at a lady's wedding that my mom has known for quite some time..she was also Leslie's Cosmetology teacher through she's really became sort of a family friend. Below are some shots that I took at Deana and Jason Weber's wedding.

Their rings are absolutely beautiful! Very antique looking..just like Deana's house.

The Groom and Bently(the dog).

The wedding.

The Happy Couple.

Megan and Ashley(Deana's girls) with Deana and Jason.

The Wedding Party.

Isn't she such a beautiful bride?!

Drinking their wine together.

This is a great picture of the two outside.

Thanks to Deana and Jason for letting me share their special day with them! Also, thanks for the great first experience of photographing a wedding!

Pictures of Ruesch Cousins

I took pictures of Rachel, Philip, and Sarah a few weekends ago. They turned out really good. They are all so photogenic! It was so freezing cold that the time we got finished at the 1st hands were tingling from being so cold...brrrr I hate the cold weather!

Michael, Sarah, Rachel, Courtney, and Philip.
Mom thought it would be neat to have a picture of snow falling on them...yah..not so cute..but the shots after were good..with the snow on their heads and shoulders.