Tuesday, March 31, 2009

August Loves to Color

I took this picture at the shower while August was coloring. She loves to color. We got a child's desk and chair from upstairs in the Claremont School. I love this child...I can't wait for her to stay with me this summer!! ;) ahaha...I love you Deb!! The angle of the picture is really cool..and I also like how you can tell she is coloring if you look in the foreground...but the picture draws your eyes to her face so you miss the crayon in her hand at first.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Jasper House

Normally, I would only upload a couple of pictures from a shoot. However, I couldn't pick. This house is located about 3 miles south of the Jasper/Cumberland County line on Rt. 130. I have driven past this house countless times since Travis was in college. Every time I told myself that someday I would stop and take some pictures. Today I finally did. The house just looks like it has a story to tell. I had to capture it.