Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cait's Senior Pictures

I went to Ray's Fruit Farm on Saturday with Mom, Sheila, and Caitlyn. I took my camera with the intent of taking really cool pictures of the apples on the trees and such. However, Cait looked super cute that day and we've been needing to get a start on her senior we took a few shot...actually..we spent all day taking pictures! :) We had a blast tho!! We took some at the apple orchard, an old barn, the railroad tracks, and at Berryville Vinyards. I took over 350 pictures and ended up a TON of really good one's. I didn't want to overload the blog with pictures so I made a collage of some really good pictures and attached some, that are my favorite, as their original size.

At the Apple Orchard underneath an apple tree. I love this shot!! One of my favs!!
Caitlyn is very photogenic and the camera loved her...along with her loving the camera! :) We had a great day and I've already had a handful of seniors ask me about taking their senior pictures. I'm making business cards and creating flyers with recent pictures I've taken. AR we come!!